Laboratory fume hoods and laminar flow chambers manufacturer

Our equipment for laboratories allows to provide a wide range of facilities for working zones. We suggest protection and air purity in case if it is needed and is a primary requirement. In medicine and pharmaceutics, microelectronics and nanotechnologies this aspect is very important.

Our highly qualified staff know all the details and additional information about laboratory equipment and also offers after-sales and technical services.

Our own testing laboratory allows raising the quality of various appliances even further.

The company was founded 18 years ago (it has the private form of property), so we have a large experience in sphere of medical, electronic and other equipment.

Biosafety cabinets designed by us prevent direct contact with unsafe pathogenic biological agents  and microbes released during the laboratory experiments. A microbiological cabinet has a cubic form and it is ventilated with HEPA filters. It helps to avoid harmful emissions and gases on the workplace.

As a result — effective protection for personnel, products, and environment.

Fume hoods protection allows to get out of chemically harmful and low-toxic materials. In general these facilities are used for personal protection. Our company is a large manufacturer of modern, hi-tech, and economical fume hoods.

We also design and manufacture laminar flow cabinets that are enclosed workbenches creating a contamination free work environment. They include HEPA filters within them so it helps to filter out contaminants from the staff workplaces. Laminar flow hoods are used in the situations when substances are not hazardous for health.
You can call our managers and get all useful information about our equipment.