Biosafety cabinets

Microbiological industry require the safe conditions for staff, and our company suggests specially designed cabinets to solve this important problem with maximum of effectiveness. Biosafety cabinets allow to operate securely with risky, contaminated and dangerous processes and materials in modern laboratories. They prevent environmental harm because of aerosols harmful influence.

Biological safety cabinets are cubic facilities that are ventilated using HEPA (the full term sounds as High-Efficiency Particulate Air) to filter out all the harmful biological substances and microorganisms in the conditions of workspaces. Clean air and clean environment in general is provided, that is important in the constructive sense.

Purposes of biohazard safety cabinets

Biohazard safety cabinet can protect not only personnel, but also product that are produced and the – environment in the laboratory. In such case the operator is secured from various possible accidents while through unsafe pathogens released from within the BSC. Unidirectional air downflow and an air curtain allow satisfying the requirements for people in research centers.

Biohazard safety cabinets provide the product protection from hazardous toxins and impurities. It is important in various processes, techniques, or experiments carried out in the laboratories. Environmental protection is complex task and significant enough because it combines the protection of the workplace (with staff, of course) and the working process either. Cleaning up the workplace environment is a preliminary stage to realize another two protective functions.

Special standards for each type of a biological safety cabinet can be found in professional literature. The standards differ a lot depending on the aims that cabinet perform.