Sterile storage cabinets

Sterile environment means the one without bacterium and dust, and also non-hazardous qualities for the staff. Our company provides this solutions for a wide variety of industries, from pharmacology to very popular nowadays nanotechnologies. Provision of sterile storage is impossible without special agents which allows to have the stable conditions (in pressure and temperature).

In modern laboratories the purity of uniforms also has its strict requirements. Coats and shoe covers, overalls and other protective elements should be clean. The working chambers caused by HEPA-filtered pass-through air flows of downward direction improve the parameters of non-bacterial environment, combining with the absence of dust.

Sterile storage cabinet is disposable in different spheres, and here is a short list of them:

— electronics and electrical equipment,

— optical devices,

— mechanical production.

Sterile storage is actual in pharmacology and some other types of up-to-date laboratories.

Our cabinets conform directive 1116 because of their special design. The monitoring and control of humidity, pressure and temperature takes place in the storage chamber.