Laboratory hoods: the practical realization

Harmful substances such as fumes and toxins are often present in laboratory conditions. They are not allowed for the personnel. This problem can be solved using different technical decisions. One of the most effective ones, which helps to overcome this at the workplaces is a laboratory fume hood. This is a kind of popular equipment.

Being the best value for money, our organization suggests the manufacturing of the fume hoods of different kinds. They have the wide variety of applications, because these facilities demonstrated and proved themselves as effective and productive type of equipment is medical sphere, science and various research, and nanotechnologies.

Fume chambers are the equipment that is almost the same as fume hoods. The personnel use them in chemical laboratories to decrease the amount of poisonous vapors and toxic chemicals to the minimum values. The main advantages of them are mentioned below:

— protective parameters,

— safety for staff,

— reliability.

Different size of our fume hoods can satisfy the requirements of clients who work in a large variety of industries and in constructive sense they are enclosed ventilation machines.

Fume cupboards protect the laboratory workers in case of laboratory conditions when there isn’t enough air in the rooms. So extraction of hazardous vapors should be decreased. Otherwise it can be harmful and dangerous.

Laboratory fume hood contain:

— a protective shield for staff which is an obstacle for the hazardous vapours. The material is tempered glass for the window sash.

—  sink, made of the stainless steel. The staff put it inside the hood being resistant to the vapours or gases in the working conditions.

— lateral surfaces giving the additional visibility are designed as a part of a work chamber.