Laminar flow cabinets: horizontal versus vertical airflow

Our company is one of the biggest suppliers of laminar flow hoods, that is why we have a responsibility to recommend your choose of the appropriate product type (comparing 2 available types).
Horizontal and vertical laminar flow chambers are divided into categories depending on the airflow direction. The principle of maintenance also differs. If there is not enough floor space and depth, choose a vertical airflow clean bench, but it is not an obligation for all laboratories. Horizontal airflow hood can be more useful decreasing airflow obstruction or collection of contaminated air downstream.

Laminar flow cabinets of vertical type have higher safety level. The reason of this is absence of air flow in the direction towards the person carrying out the experiments. The barrier against the fumes — front sash – prevents from the harmful influence on the person’s face. Vertical airflow chambers allows to make the filter replacement quickly and easier, because the filter is placed at the top of the vertical component. For horizontal airflows filter replacement requires moving of hoods.
 Possible applications for such appliances:
— in electronics,
— in optics,
— in the polymeric industry and some others.

The air flow is moving to the environment from the working area in2 ways:
— flow through the holes,
— through the thin space between the protecting glass and the working surface.

Different parameters of location (vertical

airflow hood or horizontal one) help to realize the idea of effective protection in different ways.

The operators should wear a protective coats and long gloves. Also they should be aware about possible risks and avoid them.